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Our training institutes in Karachi and Lahore provide in-depth, practical courses in freight forwarding, equipping learners with vital industry knowledge and skills for success in global logistics.

Training Sessions For Stakeholders Involved in Trade

We provide on-site training and awareness sessions for stakeholders’ employees who deal with international trade... read more »


We conducted various courses online during the pandemic and are aiming to introduce our diploma courses online in the near future... read more »

Meet Our Faculty Members

Most of our instructors in Karachi and Lahore institutes are trained by FIATA and some by Pakistan Institute of Management to deliver the courses. They are experts in their respective field, some even company chief executives, committed to delivering top-quality education.

At The Karachi PIFFA Training Institute

He is a partner in Freight Forwarding Company "Marine Express Company" since 1997. He is a FIATA trainer for Diploma Course in Freight Forwarding since 2007. He is lecturing on TIR since 2013 on various forum.

A Logistics professional with 20+ years experience of Supply Chain, DG and Air Transportation, Contract Management & Freight Forwarding. He is in Faculty since 2007 and Accredited Trainer by FIATA

12+ years of Training and Consultancy Services. 25+ years of Industry experience. Masters Degree in Transport and Logistics Management from KU. Diploma in Logistics and Transport from CILT, U.K. FIATA Certified Trainer. Certified National Assessor.

He has Masters Degree in Transport Management from Karachi University and has 25+ years of experience in Freight Forwarding Industry. He is in the Faculty of PIFFA Training Institute as well of CILT. He is a FIATA Trainer for Diploma Course in Freight Forwarding since 2007.

Faculty Member

Aqib Iqbal


He has 5 years experience of Freight Forwarding Industry, specially in Operations & Pricing. He is a FIATA diploma graduate with Distinctions. He has been serving as Director Overseas in a leading freight forwarding company.

He is MBA in Logistics & Supply Chain Management, Member of the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers. He is a FIATA Diploma graduate with distinctions. He has been a Chartering Sales & Operations Manager and has 5 years of experience of Training the industry personnel in Logistics, Shipping and Chartering. Desires to share his knowledge.

He has over 15 years of experience in logistics and shipping. MBA & FIATA diploma holder in Freight Forwarding, Topper of Batch#12, Winner of 1st PIFFA YIFFY Award in 2013. He is a Certified Supply Chain Professional and an accomplished trainer. Teaches logistics and Shippig subjects in Universities and Institutes. He has been serving in MNCs as Logistics and Shipping Manager.

He has 27 years experience in Shipping, Customs Clearance. He handles Frustrated Cargo and has passion of teaching. He is a Karachi University Graduate and Topped FIATA diploma Course with Distinctions in 2015.

She has 8+years of experience in Freight Forwarding, Consolidation & served as logistics solution provider. She obtained MBA Degree in SCM & Finance from Bahria University and participated in PIFFA FIATA Diploma Course in 2021. She attended WCA conferences for professional development.

At The Lahore PIFFA Training Institute

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